Thursday, November 25, 2010

Stuff yo Stockinz jam

December 18th is the Stuff yo Stockingz jam at the NYC arts cypher..Ima be on location Giving a Graffiti Canvas to the winner of the 1 vs 1 battles as well as presenting a Canvas to Hip Hop Pioneer spinning Dj Kool Herc which is an honor in itself...I hope you can come out to Staten Island that day if you guys are free...Otherwise have a great Holiday season...the flyer for this jam is below..

Much respect to the FRC crew my second family please check out a battle my crew had a while back..

Saturday, November 20, 2010

"Mount Dance Jam"

Finally without any Further stalling on my behalf I am proud to present along with FRC aka Floor Royalty Crew ,the Under Ground section Radio Show for the college of Mount Saint Vincent .....( drum roll....)
" Mount Dance Jam"
which is the first time is the history of the school a local Hip Hop Advocate
(Myself) has teamed up with the school itself to display to the student body and others outside the school the raw true..underground essence of the culture of Hip Hop.
On location for this event there will be multiple Bboy battles in particular the highlight of the night is to be the 5 vs 5 BRONX vs QUEENS crew battle...Graffiti Artwork on canvas for sale..many all under $100...( a good holiday gift perhaps for a loved one)
and other elements such as Beatboxing and Emceeing will all be alive and thriving in the is the flyer below...

( public transportation)
1 train to 231 st then bx 07 bus to 263rd and riverdale avenue...
the school is located at 6301 Riverdale ave...
the event will be held in the building called Peter J Sharp center , in the gym....

this is a great family...and community event please come out support the school..FRC..and the real Hip Hop culture that calls its home NYC ....

Shoutouts to The College Of Mount Saint Vincent..FRC..the DJ Mete Mano..the Bboys and Bgirls...Judges Phantom..Jiggz..and the real Hip Hoppers....


now drift away to the sounds below...peace...

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hello Winter

As always I have alot in my schedule and Im always all over the place trying to attend great events and be a part of Great events all in the name of Positive self expression...please take a look at what Ive been up to recently and my upcoming endeavors below...

This Friday I will be Performing some Dancing at Project Reach loacated at 39 Eldridge st 4th floor..for the Zero Capitol event featuring art on display and many other types of performances from dance to spoken word..etc...the flyer is below
check this link out above I was Featured in NYU newspaper and website for my Live Art at the Voices Event for La Herencia Latina Month at NYU...also The painting went for from the event..and of the painting coming soon...

Below is the Live Stream Video of myself about 2 weeks ago from when I was on The Underground Section show on the Radio Station for the College of Mount Saint Vincent
.....also On another Note December 8th my self..The UnderGround Section and Floor Royalty Crew present " The Mount Jam" ( flyer coming soon)..
bboy jam featuring Bronx vs Queens 5 vs 5 crew battles...1 vs 1 individual battles and an all syles battle of crews not only limited to Bboying but other types of Dance forms....more info on that event will be posted ony my blog soon...

wmsvradio on Broadcast Live Free

feel free to tell me what you think of this radio show and you can always tune into more shows from the College of Mount Saint Vincent in the website below..


DATE - Event - Location

December 4th - Art for Park Community Day and Art Benefit.. ( Flyers above)-NJ,bergan county

December 8th - " The Mount Jam" Bboy competition - College Of Mount Saint Vincent 6301 Riverdale Ave..

January 7th & 21st - Clash Of The Titans 2-Art exhibition presented by myself..New York,NY

- Also for the month of December I have alot more Body art photoshoots coming up expect to see alot more creative Body Art...

for any questons ..comments or anything else the fastest way to reach me are below

Aim - chief69akanelson
email -

A Big Shout out This week to Everyone in FRC...all my TBB family..Everyone In Zulu Nation who came out to the anniversary..which I got to experience on last Friday and Im glad I came out I got a cool shirt...also a big Shout out to Everyone out there doing positive things in NYC to help the youth and communities around us...

on and on till they make us stop....

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Chief69 Body Art "Espionage of the blind" - 2010-Modeling by Katrina

I am currently Working on expanding my Art portfolio with alot more Body artwork ..Today under short notice I was lucky enough to have the pleasure of working with an up and coming female model Katrina.Below are photos taken by myself of the Body art that I always the work comes from the mind because all of my art is done in the moment I dont usually plan on what I create...please tell me what you all think of the body Art and if you have any questons or comments on my art please feel free to let me know any time send all emails to or comment this post...
again all photography and Artwork below by Chief69 , modeling by Katrina

Body Art by Chief69 work entitled " Espionage of the blind " Model Katrina , photography by Chief69 - 2010

Body Art by Chief69 work entitled " Espionage of the blind " Model Katrina , photography by Chief69 - 2010

Body Art by Chief69 work entitled " Espionage of the blind " Model Katrina , photography by Chief69 - 2010

Body Art by Chief69 work entitled " Espionage of the blind " Model Katrina , photography by Chief69 - 2010

Body Art by Chief69 work entitled " Espionage of the blind " Model Katrina , photography by Chief69 - 2010

Body Art by Chief69 work entitled " Espionage of the blind " Model Katrina , photography by Chief69 - 2010

also a note to all photographers and media people if you wish to contact Katrina for modeling work please email her at

Shout outs first and for most to Katrina for the modeling..BK stand up..and the same old crew shout outs...FRC,TBB,SSB,WOTS, the words of KRS-one you must learn...

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

please check out this video I just uploaded to youtube speaking on a few things in the rap industry of today that I find to be disappointing..please dont consider this myself complaining with no solution to my means of positive Hip Hop representation..the reason I created this video is because I always hear from many people the same opinion stated but you never see B boys..Beat boxers..emcees..Dee Jays..producers..lockers/poppers..come all together for a cause like helping the music we all love and enjoy continue to not only evolve but to truly move people with lyricism and melody as one..

please tell me if you have any questions or comments on my video...

Shout outs to everyone keeping Hip Hop culture alive in their own right......

Friday, October 29, 2010


Below is what was one of my biggest surprising discoveries of the last week...literally only about an hour or so ago I was looking through You tube for Hip Hop videos as always and ran into the latest TOOLS OF WAR summer Hip Hop park jams promotional videos which are all edited and shot by NOISEMAKER MEDIA

please check out the video and subscribe to NOISEMAKER MEDIA'S channel

for more work from Noisemaker Media


for more info on TOOLS OF WAR please go to the link below

Shout outs to Pop Master Fabel , Christie Z - Pabon , Tools Of War , NoiseMaker Media , and all the DJs , photographers who come out to the park jams .....Keeping the Origins Of Hip Hop Alive and making sure everyone from the children to your grandma gets up and enjoys the funky music....

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Goodbye October..Hello November...

Alot of new and very exciting things have been going on lately from pushing myself more creatively to produce Hip Hop beats and lyrics to record to every other day partaking in spontaneous acts of Bboying to doing Artwork everywhere between my schedule and producing some of the best paintings and drawings thus far in my life...
I was recently Honored to be chosen by a student group in NYU to do live Art for their celebration event on November 11th for Latin heritage month...and on a side note I am proud to announce that my second curated Group Art exhibition is currently in the works and that is definetly promising to be historical ...details on that to come in the very near future

below is a flyer for the NYU event I am doing Live Art for...all students of NYU are welcome to come and I think anyone else can come also , so if you can troop it out into NYC on november 11th please do so theres going to be types of things in the fiasco....

I feel rejuvenated with inspiration for Hip Hop I leave you with this...

shout outs to
Soul Stoned Brothers
Wizards of The Styles
Floor Royalty Crew
The Bronx Boys............

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

CHIEF69 .... a few words..

Above is A video that I recently created to bring to the public attention my perspective and reason for doing the outlets that I have chosen to do within Hip Hop culture...please watch the video and let me know if you have any questons or comments

on another note I hope you all have a great carefull on the egg throwing haha....
if anyone wants body art done on them for holloween let me know
heres how I can be reached quickest...
(aim) - chief69isurpapi
(skype,oovoo) - chief69.nelson

...rockin and boppin to da beat..FRC,WOTS,SSB,TBB

ps. ima get my bronx boys medallion soon so be on the lookout photographers...

Saturday, October 16, 2010

CHIEF69 BeatBoxing

Ive Decidided to take my Beatboxing much more serious after watching alot of videos and being inspired , I am very far from a professional skilled beatboxer but I am determined to try the very best I can to get better within the next few I created a video on youtube that is of myself doing a very simple and funny beatbox freestyle...I plan on doing another video in due time with my more new and improved skills in the near future so please stay tuned for that...
To see the video of my beatboxing please go to this link to my youtube channel
and feel free to add me or subscribe if you have a youtube account

shout outs to Floor Royalty crew , The Bronx Boys , Wizards Of The Styles ,SSB....201o.

Monday, October 11, 2010

The Bronx Boys Rocking Crew 1st Anniversary..2010

Above is video of a DJ cypher from The Bronx Boys 1st Anniversary in 35 years in the Booggie Down Bronx was great to be out there for me I got to dance with many talented Bboys and Boogie boys as well as to meet soo many TBB members from all across the globe...7 gems,Ready to Rock , Incredible Breakers , Rock Steady and soo much more other crews were in the was truely a Historical Event . Below are some pics from the event and the website to the live stream video from the event...

Flyer for the anniversary

something everyone tagged as they walked in

more pics will be up on my facebook soon..
the live stream video was all on the following website

peace and prosper my brothers and sisters....The Bronx Boys...until the next Anniversary....

Sunday, October 10, 2010

CHIEF69- my 1st CD

I have recently gone into the lab and started working on what is to be my 1st official CD ....For those of you who may not know besides Bboying and doing Artwork I have always been an emcee the CD is going to be a very exciting and fresh thing for both the local Hip Hop community of NYC and all of you out there who love real Hip Hop culture as much as I do myself

I have done a few collaborations and worked with a few producers as well as produced a few beats myself for the CD it will be available online to buy as well as in person and you can always email me and request to purchase it individually. for everyone who buys a CHIEF69 cd you will receive with the CD an original piece of Artwork on small paper that you can frame or whatever floats your boat..
I plan on releasing the CD as soon as I finish enough tracks and feel content with the quality of music ..until then please be on the look out you may catch me on one of your favorite local musicians tracks...

to check out the music when I do release it go to the link below to buy it online...

and if you want to support me and my endeavors at anytime you can always donate via paypal ( button on the blog) or simply spread the word...

SOUL POWER....shout outs to my Floor Royalty Crew family..TBB..WOTS..Break yourself..and Soul Stoned Brothers

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pics From camaradas live Painting -September 27th , 2010

Heres some pics from 2 weeks ago when I did Live Art at Camaradas with a few Artist
including Marthalicia , Host , and others while myself and other Bboys were also rocking on the floor ...all photos are courtesy of Sabrina SexiOne

Shout outs to Bboy Character who came to rock and was fashionably late..FRC..M Squared Art..Host..Erica Shermerica ..Camaradas..Sucio Smash..

every month At Camaradas they have this live art event with music and good vibes so come out to the next one if you can....

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bronx Free Press Article from september 29th , 2010 - I Am The Bronx

I recently Came Across This Article That I was in from The Bronx Free Press covering the I Am The Bronx Event I went to a while the event Tats cru had painted a couple walls that played background to a nice community gathering including Music..myself Bboying..and free school supplies were given to the community...not to mention special guest like Ruben Diaz jr and Sr were on is the link to the specific Newspaper Article...please tell me what you think..

Friday, September 24, 2010

September ends with a boom bap sound .

Come on out this Saturday to the event in the flyer above to see myself and B boy Quest of Floor Royalty Crew perform with the apparel designs of Rolo-World on ourselves..along with many models and other dance performances
at symphony space theater in Manhattan from 6:30-9 pm
to purchase tickets go to
for more info call 1-914-498-8347

if you can please come out to of this event...either way have a great weekend in the Big Apple and enjoy yourself...

Floor Royalty Crew..The Bronx Boys..Wizards Of The Styles..BreakYourself..SSB-CHIEF69

Sunday, September 19, 2010

CHIEF69 customized shoes - september 19th 2010

check out these shoes I painted today in the picture above ..they are Nike air force ones..they were not brand new so i had to paint on every last spec of the shoe..hope you like it

if you have any shoes you want me to piant let me know..

remember if you get your shoes painted you cant run a marathon ...I don't even suggest any running at all..they are to flaunt for the next evening you go out given in the proper circumstances of course..never wear customized shoes to dance or something because the paint comes off from scraping on the floor....just saying

shout outs to Floor Royalty Crew....

Thursday, September 16, 2010

let the rumble begin...

last saturday Myself and Floor ROyalty Crew got to battle Teen Titans in an exhibition match of the All Out Call Out jam thrown by funtionNYC in the War Room located on morgan ave ( L train to brooklyn)
below is footage from the battle including a few select moments and interviews

for more on my crew please check them out here
and for more on FunionNYC events please go here

and as always please tell me what you think by commenting or emailing me...

I leave you with this....

I Am not a political person by any means but I am an Individual with morals and intelligence ..I know this is probably irrelevant and off topic when compared to my usual updates but I believe strongly this should be heard so please play this video and tell me what you think after hearing the whole thing...

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Poem for september..A retrospective of summer

This is an original Poem of mine entitled "A Retrospective of Summer"

Im a righteous funky soulful top to bottom def -fly-stand up guy- kind of brother...word to the mother...
Hip Hop to my casket and breaks on loop..till im chief 6 feet deep - 9 millimeter thoughts pack shells of positivity and manners that mommy taught ..good son , good friend , good vibe where I walk..

Its the Yellow sunshine it must be in the cause for sway and I'm severed before the morgue like a newborn I lay..defenseless to rhythm and senseless seance , in a trance with my shadows reflection I was brung to the floor in a zulu spin brung to the floor like rejection ..Stop being Flat handed..stop and follow directions..word from the wize and tales from the crypt..did i slip..or slip up it seems i may have loss my self grip...uncontainable addiction my dose from a speaker drum....I was there..I was there..where it started in the slums...

I remember memories in flashes like a cinematic its done ...too soon over..more over often bleak and the winter wind willows I freeze as I sleep..untill next week....well speak....

The inspiration was me looking at the photo below by Brina Martinez realizing what A Great Summer I just experienced...

Chief69 at Tools of war jam
photo by Brina Martinez

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

September Begins

This is a Video of Artist Marthalicia that featured my crew from the performance in Notice lounge aka Capicu..

and These are some pics from last Friday the 10th from my crews performance in the Notice Lounge in Brooklyn ...

Chief69 Rockin and sure shockin the house..

F.R.C after the show

Meeting of Styles - 5PTZ -9/11/2010 from team draw on Vimeo.

Im dancing in this video above..its from 5 pointz on saturday I was there 7 hours dancing and drawing in blackbooks then left to the All Out Call Out Jam where my Crew Battled Teen Titans ,and Im still sore from that day...below are pics from meeting of the styles 2010 day 1 in 5 pointz..


ME Doing something in WERX book

Shout Outs to F.R.C , Wots crew , The Bronx Boys , NHBX ,SSB , and Rich from funktion NYC ....

Floor Royalty Crew

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Chief69 summer 2010 Video

This is a bunch of my favorite Art and pics from the summer of that is definetly to not be forgotton ..
Photography in the video is brought to you by courtesy of Joe Conzo,William "Nic One" Green , Brina Martinez ..etc
Music in the video by Final Outlaw who is a dope up and coming emcee in NYC..I recomend you check out his stuff...if you can please comment on the video and thanks for watching

FLoor Royalty Crew For life...C69..

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

August wrap up ..and now to the next Lineup...

The last event I was at was The Across The Board Art show at the SoapStone gallery and I still have yet to recieve pics from that night except for the skateboard of mine that was on display , here is the pic below...

Chief69 customized skatboard- untitled-2010 - for sale $200

The BOARD IS STILL FOR SALE!!!!! A PERCENTAGE OF THE PROCEEDS ARE GOING TO AUTISM SPEAKS! hit up if you would like to purchase the deck

On another note There are alot of things going on This month..all the flyers are below the information..

September 10th - my crew FRC aka Floor Royalty Crew will be performing for a schhol drive for the homeless in Williamsburg Brooklyn

September 11th - All Out Call Out Bboy jam..Floor Royalty Crew vs. Teen Titans in an exhibition match ..also My artwork will be on display along side "Kove" and "BOA"

If you can find the time in your busy schedules please attend at least one of the events as they are all going to be enjoyable and this being the end of summer and back to school..kick off the school year with FRC and CHIEF69....

as Always I must shout out my crews FRC,TBB,WOTS,SSB,NHBX,HS...Rockin with out a doubt to the funky soul Melodies...

PS. Coming soon is the 2010 FRC Pre-Trailer..and my Uprocking trailer

Monday, August 30, 2010

Pics from BodyPaint Party at Trio Lounge

This past weekend I had such a blast from the gallery show at soapstone gallery to the street fair on mckibbin st but this just so happens to be the 1st picthures I was fourtonately able to get hold of ... I was doing Body Painting at Trio Lounge in Brooklyn from about 12-4 am ,during the party I must have painted literaly everyone accept the djs and bar staff,and at a few moments I had lines of people patiently waiting to be painted on..And Of course without a doubt myself and Bboy Nebula were in the house so we did our thang and rocked the floor for a quick minute but I dont have any clear video or pics of it haha..I want to thank Team Rico ,Trio Lounge,and all of the people who came out to party are a few picthures from the night, please feel free to tell me your thoughts

Mr.Chief ...yours truely..

..All the photography was done by Hek photography here is thier website you can contact them for photography or video for any of your needs they are also availible for party promotion

Shout outs to Drizz from Team Rico...Floor Royalty Crew,The Bronx Boys,Wots Crew,SSB,NHBX..On and On Till Da Break Of Dawn

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

4 Events in August coming up...

This Friday the 13th at Club SANM at 3515 36th ave in astoria queens from 7pm-2am is the Bboy Massacre jam organized by Kid Glyde of the Dynamic Rockers And I will be painting live during the event then give the canvas I complete to the winner of the main battle of the night....

Then later this month on August 28th from 3-5pm I will be at the Brooklyn street fair on mckibbin st doing Body Art- $15 per person

Starting at 11pm located at Trio Lounge on 308 hooper st in Brooklyn via j line...I will be Doing Body Art all night..ladies free untill 12 pm

and last but not least the following Event is the grand opening reception at the Soapstone gallery located on 11 w36th st 5th floor for the Across The Board show for autism awareness a portion of proceeds go to autism aware ness and the rest to the artist..featuring over 30 artist including myselfs original work on skateboard decks...
All the flyers for the stated above shows are below and in my facebook...


URGOD - You Are Grandmasters Of Diaspora
for any questions or comments

.....on and on until the BREAK A DAWN..PEACE.......